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TPBF Bernoulli self cleaning filter
Price:Non - standard customized
Package: Wooden box
Place of Origin:China
Minimum order quantity:1 Set


Product introductions:

TPE series Bernoulli self-cleaning filter (TPE filter), is designed for continuous filtration pressure pipe on the system design, can remove particulate impurities in all kinds of water quality (such as sea water, lake water, circulating cooling water and so on) . The TPE filter design based on the Bernoulli principle, simple structure with very high operating reliability.

The typical application of industry and fluid

Applicable industry: water treatment, cooling system, heat exchanger protection, protection of nozzle, ballast water treatment system

Apply fluid: groundwater, seawater, lake water, river water, cooling water, waste water, process water, cleaning water

The technical characteristics and advantages:

A simple and reliable structure, only two moving parts (cleaning disk, t he drain valve)

Non-contact cleaning, particles will not be out of the filter element, low pressure can keep stable effect, cleaning and sewage removal excellent impurity is poor, less than 0.011MPa

Low working pressure requirements, the highest 0.03MPa

Wide flow range, single flow of 5-7000m3/h

Self cleaning flow uninterrupted

Filtering precision :0.1-2mm

Flexible installation form, horizontal or vertical.

Technical parameters:

Working pressure: 0-0.3Mpa

Filtration precision: 100-2000 μ M

The maximum interception grain steel: 4mm

Design pressure: 0.6Mpa/1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa/2.0Mpa/2.5Mpa

Design temperature: 80 °C (S serial), 60 °C (G serial)

Flow range: 30-7000m3/h

Cleaning pressure: 0.011Mpa

Control system: differential pressure and time of parallel dual control mode

Differential pressure indicator: differential pressure transmitter or differential pressure switch

Import and export size: DN65-DN600

Import & export standard connections: flange, HG20592-2009 (compatible with DIN) HG-20615-2009 (ANSI B16.5)

Filter element types: wedge gap metal filter element (100-2000 μ m)

Filter element material: 316L/ super duplex stainless steel / titanium 2

Piston rod material: 316L

Shell is connected with liquid material: 304/316L/CS/GRP

Anticorrosive coating: 11 nylon, rubber

Shell sealing material: NBR NBR (standard) /VITON (FKM) Eph rubber

Drain valve: pneumatic butterfly valve, protection class IP65

Public supply requirements: 0.6Mpa clean and dry compressed air

110V/220V (standard) /380V/440V AC, 24V DC

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